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Graffiti Spiral Vessel 01

Graffiti Spiral Vessel 01

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12" high x 9" wide x 9" deep
Creation date: 2022 
Clay type: Nara porcelain
Glaze: black 

Introducing the Graffiti Vessel – a unique and eye-catching moon jar with a graffiti-inspired spiral motif. This large case has a sleek, bulbous shape and is finished with a grey clear glaze that adds a modern and contemporary touch. The spiral motif, which is reminiscent of graffiti art, adds a bold and artistic flair to the vase. Whether displayed on its own or filled with a bouquet of fresh flowers, the Graffiti Vessel is sure to be a conversation piece and a treasured addition to any home. 


Nara porcelain and black glaze

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