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"No Northern Lights" Work on Paper by Nemo Lienau

"No Northern Lights" Work on Paper by Nemo Lienau

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8.3" wide x 11.7" high

"No Northern Lights" by Nemo Lienau

Acrylic, oil, ink, wax and crayon on paper work by German artist Nemo Lienau. 

Artist's Bio:

The young painter, conceptual artist and mixed media artist Nemo Lienau was born in 1992 and lives and works in Berlin.

Since 2018 he has been working as a personal artistic assistant to one of the most famous German artists with an international reputation.
His multi-layered works reflect his inner self without distortion. Inspired by spirituality and the multifaceted nature of his environment, hidden themes that lie in the gaps between social and personal problems become the content of his work.
His way of working opens up multi-faceted perspectives and connections to the viewer through a play of detail, surfaces and colors as well as different materials and techniques. 

A seemingly endless flow of (picture) information underlines the fast pace, overload and restlessness of the generation that Nemo Linau speaks of. Some anthropomorphic parts and the simplification of the forms are broken up by the abundance of colors and structures. 

Through his art he channels his impressions, experiences and thoughts in order to continually question and deconstruct his usual thought patterns and approaches. 

His works oscillate between looking inwards and looking outwards. The longing in his pictures always opens up new spaces of memory and a very personal connection for the viewer. 

Nemo Lienau impresses with authenticity and purity, which makes his works unmistakable.

Source: Heissings Art


Acrylic, oil, ink, wax and crayon on paper

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