Show.Room.LA is situated in a prime location of San Gabriel, a city that boasts a variety of unique and noteworthy destinations. From late-night cafes and tranquil botanical gardens to a historical mission tour and a Michelin-starred restaurant, the city of San Gabriel draws visitors from around the world. Take a look at the ⭑ recommendations below for our personal favorites.

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Sheraton San Gabriel, Los Angeles → Sheraton Monterey Park

Holiday Inn Rosemead → Holiday Inn El Monte

Hilton San Gabriel, Los Angeles → Hilton San Gabriel

Attractions and Activities

San Gabriel Historic Walking Tour → SGV Historical Walking Tour

San Gabriel Nursery  → San Gabriel Nursery

Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens→ Arboretum

The Cue Ball Billiards → The Cue Ball Billiards

RS Photo Camera and Photographic Services → RS Photo


Heartland Organic Taiwanese Foods → Organic Taiwanese Market

Wing Hop Feng Herbs and Tea → Wing Hop Fung

Yama Sushi Market San Gabriel Valley → Yama Sushi Market SGV 

Punjab Indian Market and Cuisine → Punjab Indian Market

Mitsuwa Marketplace  → Mitsuwa SGV

SG Superstore → SG Superstore


Si Hai Restaurant → Four Sea Restaurant

Yi Mei → Yi Mei SG

Yang’s Kitchen → Yangs Kitchen LA

Mary Lane Café → Mary Lane Cafe

Coffee and Tea

Tea Maru → Tea Maru

Fresh Roast  → Fresh Roast

Fika Fika →  Fika Fika

Bubble Republic → Bubble Republic

General Dining

Bistro Na’s  →  Bistro Na's

BoPoMoFo  →  BoPoMoFo

Super Bowl Pho  → Super Bowl Pho

Stuffed Sandwich  → Stuffed Sandwich

Wang Jia → Wang Jia Restaurant

Thai Paradise → The Thai Paradise

Jian Nan Spring → Jian Nan Spring

Ten Ren’s Tea House   →   Ten Ren Tea Time

Dolan’s Uyghur Cuisine → Dolan's

Chongqing Hot Pot → ChongQing Hot Pot

Chong Qing Special Noodles  → Chong Qing Special Noodle

101 Noodle Express → 101 Noodle Express

Mian  → Mian

Casa Calderon → Casa Calderon

99 Red → 99 Red Grill

Happy Buddha Kitchen Vegetarian Restaurant → Happy Buddha Vegetarian Kitchen

Green Zone Organic Pan-Asian → Green Zone Restaurant

Yoma Myanmar → Yoma

Jazz Cat Fusion Hot Pot → Jazz Cat Fusion Hot Pot

Clearman's North Woods Inn  → Clearman's North Woods Inn

Kyoto Gyukatsu → Kyoto Gyukatsu

Blossom Market Hall → Blossom Market Hall

Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine → Borneo Eatery

Monarch → Monarch

Chengdu Impression → Chengdu Impression

Bistro 1968 → Bistro 1968

Fosselman's Homemade Ice Cream → Fosselman's Homemade Ice Cream

Little Skewer → Little Skewer

Late Night Dining

Monland’s Hot Pot City → Mon Land Hot Pot City

Lu's Garden → Lu's Garden

Love at the Curb → Love at the Curb

The Barn → The Barn

Jianghu → Jianghu Bistro

JJ Hong Kong Café → JJ's Cafe

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San Gabriel Historical Walk Tour

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