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Sage Vase 01

Sage Vase 01

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Creation date: 2022
Dimensions: H: 10" × W: 4" x D: 4"
Clay type: Black mountain clay
Glaze: clear
Artist: Steav Kim


The flowing brushstrokes and expressive lines of Korean calligraphy conjure movement and energy. The characters themselves seem to represent abstract figures or shapes in motion or perhaps even dancing.

Korean calligraphy is highly valued for its aesthetic beauty and artistic expression. It is often seen as a way to capture the essence of language and communication through the medium of brush and ink.

In this way, Korean calligraphy could be seen as a form of generative art, in which the characters and brushstrokes themselves are used to create dynamic and expressive compositions. Whether viewed as abstract shapes or as representations of language, Korean calligraphy is a beautiful and evocative form of artistic expression. 


Black mountain clay and clear glaze

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